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These miniature baskets are cheerful! You have a choice of sunflowers or pansies! Each have a tan basket is made of woven straw colored fibers. The yellow sunflowers have brown centers. Green leaves are scattered among the flowers. The pansies are in shades of yellow, pink and purple. They have bright green leaves. They come with a wire hanger to use on a shepherd's hook or wall hanger. If you wanted to use it on a table, the wire could easily be removed. These baskets of flowers would brighten up any dollhouse room, diorama, shadow box or flower stand. Which one will you choose?

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- Hanging sunflowers in a basket
- Flowers are made of clay
- Approximately measures:
Sunflower 1.5" W
Height of basket and flowers; 1.25"H
Height of basket and hanging wire: 2.25"H
Pansy: 1"W
Height of basket and flowers: 1"H
Height of basket and hanging wire:2.25"H
- 1:12 scale
- Each sold separately
- Not real flowers