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Don't you need an spring basket for your dollhouse or fairy garden? This off-white basket is made of light colored woven fibers. The inside of the basket has a white lining. The handle on the basket does not lay flat. There are 12 different colored miniature eggs that come with this basket. The green tissue that is included can be used to line the basket under the eggs if you like. The eggs come separate for you to use in your project as you wish! How can you use this colorful spring basket?

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- 1 woven basket
- 12 miniature eggs
- Green tissue paper square
- Basket is made of fiber
- Eggs are made of polymer clay
- Approximate size:
Oblong basket:1.25" long x. 5"wide x 1" high
Eggs: .25" long
- 1:12 scale
- Any accessories in the photo are for display and not for sale
- Color of basket may vary slightly from the photo