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Fencing can help divide your fairy garden up into different themed sections, add accents, hold animals and create special spaces. This fence  has 3 posts holding up 'wood' logs that are woven around the posts.  They ar glued at the posts.   Faux moss is covering the base of the fence.    It comes in 2 sizes.  The longer one is 5.75" long, 2" high, and the shorter one is 2.75" long and .5" high.  It is a very versatile fence for a fairy garden!

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    - Rustic fence
    - Made of wood and resin
    - 1 piece
    - Approximately measures:
             Longer fence: 5.25"Long x 2"High x 1.5"Wide
             Shorter fence: 2.75"Long x .5"High x .5"Wide
    - MDI product
    - Note:  The fence may have clear glue on the posts